Over the years, we've been asked a number of really smart questions that have ultimately helped our guests to plan their vacations. To help you with your own planning, we thought we've post some of those here:

"What's your background? We'd like to know a little more about you." - Donna R.

Sure thing!  Our original goal was simply to find a nice home in Orlando for us (and our extended family) to use for vacation.  We choose Windsor Hills not only for its location (only about 12 minutes from Disney), but also because the community is really well maintained and really well managed. 


As for the vacation rental business, we just kind of fell into it.  The only reason we really rent the home is to help pay for the overall expenses when we're not here (utilities, maintenance, association fees and upkeep).  But we decided, if we're going to do this, we're going to do it right - by providing a great vacation home, taking really good care of our guests and doing everything we can to make sure you and your family have a terrific vacation!  Today, about 40% of our wonderful guests return to visit regularly (that's another way we keep our prices reasonable - we're not out chasing down reservations all the time). Aside from offering great value and reasonable prices, we'd like to think that kind of loyalty comes from treating our guests like friends.    

"We are very skeptical. We rented a home from someone else last year. It was in really bad shape and it didn't look anything like the photos. How can we be sure about your home?"  - David S. 


We hate to hear that!  But it's not the first time.  In fact, a few of our long-standing regulars originally found their way to us because they were victims of "bait-and-switch."  

As we mentioned earlier, we live here at different times of the year, so we give you the kind of house WE would like to stay in.  Unlike other managers and management companies, we typically make repairs before we have to...and we keep the home clean, comfortable and ready for our own family, all the time.  Finally, all of the photos you see here have been taken within the past year or so (some are more recent, as we continually look for ways to improve and enhance the home).  

"We are a little nervous about renting from a private owner instead of a vacation resort company.  What kind of support can we expect and who responds if something goes wrong.?"  - Vicki L.

Great question!  As much as we maintain the home, surprises can happen.


We encourage our guests to contact us immediately if even the smallest problem comes up.  We have a local management team that is always available and knows the house intimately.  We also have a number of professionals on call (plumbers, pool repair folks, electricians, carpenters, roofers, handymen, etc.) to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.  Most of all, we work with you to plan any repairs or maintenance, so we'll cause as little disruption to your vacation as possible.    


"What arrangements can be made for early arrivals and late departures?" - Maryanne B.

Typical check-in time is 4:00pm the day you arrive...and check-out is 10:00am the day you leave.  Of course, lugging your baggage all over Orlando is not fun!  


Early arrivals and late departures are on a first-come / first-served basis.  If we can accommodate you, we sometimes can arrange check-ins as early as 2:00pm. Sometimes earlier.  In situations when we can't guarantee the home will be ready early, we can offer you "drop off service" for your luggage (it will be kept securely in the game room).  When you return later, the home will be completely ready for you.


As for late departures, we can typically extend check-out to around 11:00am...sometimes later.  We can work with you.  

"Are you equipped for small children?  How about teens?" - Michael T.


Absolutely!  For the dinner table, we have high chairs and booster seats.  For outdoor play, we have tricycles for toddlers and for younger guests, pack-and-play pens (which many of our current guests use as mobile cribs).  As you move around Orlando and visit the parks, we have three umbrella strollers and two large travel strollers for you to use.  In each bedroom, we have plenty of movies, toys, games and stuffed animals, too.  If you're thinking about staying with us and need any special supplies or accommodations, just drop us a quick email and we can talk about specifically setting up the home for your family's unique needs.  Finally, and most importantly, there's safety.  In the Mickey and Safari rooms, we have twin beds (not bunks).  And we have a security screen around the pool, to help prevent small ones from getting onto the pool deck unattended.    

As for teens...?  We know that teens like to be active, so we've equipped the game room for older kids, too.  We feature billiard, air hockey and foosball tables.  Also, we've stocked the game room with supplies for the many amenities around Windsor Hills - putters and golf balls, basketballs, tennis rackets and tennis balls, etc. (so you don't have to rent them from the clubhouse).  If your teens want to explore Windsor Hills on wheels, we also furnish a couple of large bicycles.

"Tell us about the security deposit, please. Of course, we're not planning on damaging anything, but accidents can happen. What can we / will we be charged for?"  - Gerry J.

Ugh!  We hate to talk about this - mainly because it's a situation we desperately try to avoid.

We're very reasonable people.  And honestly, we completely understand the occasional broken glass or chipped plate.  In fact, throughout our long history of owning Villa Oasis, we have only retained a guest's security deposit twice.  Believe us, it was necessary, as these guests aboth abused the home and abused our trust.


Here's some advice:

Anticipate it...and avoid it: Vacation rental owners will tell you:  In most every situation of damages, the problem was that the renter didn't properly supervise the other guests in the home.  Preparing everyone ahead of time for the right and wrong way to treat the home and stopping risky behavior right away - you may be surprised at how powerfully these two small steps can reduce accidents. 

Record and report: If something does happen, we ask our guests to please let us know immediately.  This way we can assess the situation right away.  At the very most, we may be able to make a simple repair and move on.  At the very least, it says that our guests respect us and care about the home.  That kind of goodwill can go a long way toward settling a problem.


The golden rule: Honestly, all we ask is that you treat our home with respect and care. One of our regular guests offered this advice: "Imagine you are away on vacation and you have allowed us to stay in your place while you are gone. How would you expect us to treat your home?  What condition would you like the home to be in  when you return?"  It's just that simple. 

"Do you allow pets or smoking?"  - Sarah G.

There are many splendid homes around the Orlando / Kissimmee area that allow smoking and pets. Unfotunatelyr, we do not.   


Villa Oasis – Disney World / Kissimmee is a no smoking / no pet vacation home.  To be clear, this means that we do not allow pets or smoking anywhere on our property.  


Look, we understand your fur-babies are members of your family.  And we understand that people are very passionate about their desire (and their right) to smoke.  But this is our personal home and we simply do not want pets or smoking in it. Equally, we have a number of our loyal guests who choose Villa Oasis specifically because we do not allow smoking or pets.  Some of our guests don't want to be exposed to those things. Others have severe allergies and have bad reactions to pollutants like pet dander and smoke.  


Violation of this policy will result in the automatic forfeiture of the security deposit, as well as assessment of additional repair or cleaning costs.

"We are relative newcomers to Disney and Orlando. Do you or Windsor Hills offer services to help us plan our vacation and activities while we're there?"  - Tiffany K.

There is a visitor's desk at the clubhouse that can offer you limited information about the theme parks, hours, transportation, etc.  As for us, we don't call ourselves "experts," but we certainly can provide you information about the area (grocery stores, restaurants, directions) and theme parks (tips about times, shows, parking, etc.) that can help you get the most out of your vacation.  We're always just an email or phone call away.

"Do you supply pool toys or do we have to purchase them?" - Victor P.

We keep a large bin of pool toys on the patio, stocked with items for kids of all ages. With that being said, if we don't have what you want, need, or prefer, a number of the grocery stores and gift shops in the area carry quite a variety of pool toys.

"Do we have to rent a BBQ grill or do you provide one?  If so, what is the cost?" - Shiela G.


An Orlando vacation is already already expensive enough without us "nickel-and-diming" you for every little amenity.  So yes, we provide you a three-burner gas BBQ grill.  And no, there is no additional charge for it.

"Are we able to make long distance calls for free?" - Samuel V.

Yes.  Long distance calls - to anywhere in the United States, US territories and Canada - can be made from the house phone and they are absolutely free.

"How do we make deposits and payments?"  - Liz W.

We typically ask for a 20% deposit when you make your reservation.  The balance isn't due until about 6-weeks before you arrive. 


Once we have completed the rental agreement and have you scheduled, you can make your payment on our website. About a week or so before your balance payment is due, we will send you an email reminder.


Your security deposit is refunded (as a credit on your card) within a few days after you depart.  

If you have a question that we haven't answered here, please email and we'll get you an answer quickly.  Overall, we're really easy to work with and we are absolutely enthusiastic about delivering you and your family a wonderful vacation!